Got Questions?

The website and the articles should get you covered 100%. But here some quick questions that you may have. Please go through them. If you still have any questions do fill up the form below and we will try to get back to you asap.

1Why are our prices low compared to others?

Over the years of experience we have managed to figure out farmers are spending a lot on agents and cargo. We have found a sweet spot to cut down all of it and in turn providing you the best prices.  Please check out How we provide best Alphonso mango price ?.

2How do you deliver & collect payments?

We have our own storage facility in Dombivali and we directly ship from there. Every week fresh stock arrives from Ratnagiri and then delivered accordingly to customers. You can pay online using cards, net banking facility available. For Mumbai orders we have COD available. More info on Delivery & Payment Information here.

3What if the Manoges go bad?

In rare cases by the nature of the fruit, very minor damaged can be found which is rare case and the fruit is still 100% eatable. If you feel the damage is more you can simply take picture, email us the details and your order number at New fruits will be added as a replacement in your next order that you place. If you are not satisfied with the Mangoes at all the payment is refunded excluding the delivery charges.

4What is so good about Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes?

A very good question actually. Few lines wont explain about it please go through this detailed article and you should know everything. About ratnagiri alphonso mangoes.  

5Why people prefer to buy mangoes online from Mangoes Mumbai?

Here is a very good article that will help with this question please go through it. Why people prefer to buy mangoes online from Mangoes Mumbai

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